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Services Provided
Due Diligence
Planning/Lot Layout
Tentative and Final Platting
Drainage Report
Grading Plan
Paving and Sewer Plan
Water Plan
Outfall Sewer Plan
Off-Site Roadway Widening
Segmental Retaining Wall Profile
Assistance on 404 Permitting
Construction Obs/PIA Inspection
Construction Phase
353 Lots on 157 Acres in the Town of Marana
14,784 L.F. of Interior Streets
Six Retention/Detention Basins with one Multi-Use Park/Basin
296,000 C.Y. of Cut
6,300 L.F. of Outfall Sewer
7,736 L.F. 12" Off-Site Transmission Main
16" Well
0.5 Million-Gallon Reservoir and Booster Station
2,600 L.F. of Off-Site Road Widening
850 L.F. of Segmental Retaining Wall up to 22' in height